Clarifying Shared Accountability Partnership Agreements Tool

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This partnering tool is designed to help key players, change leaders and teams build strong, sustainable relationships that will foster achievement and learning – simultaneously.

Assessment: Is Your Organization Suffering from These Symptoms of Poor Change Leadership?

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Does your organization suffer from these symptoms - caused by poor change leadership and ineffective change strategies? To find out, take the Symptoms of Poor Change Leadership Assessment.

Initiative Launch Checklist

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To effectively launch your change initiative, consider the topics in this checklist. Check those topics that you will use to plan your launch strategy and work. Depending on the complexity and status of your initiative, you may need to take all or just some of these actions. If you are beyond the launch stage, review this list for actions that may still provide benefit to the smooth change leadership of your initiative.

Designing Your Engagement Strategy

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This highly pragmatic tool walks you through the critical steps for building an effective stakeholder engagement strategy.