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The Change Leader’s Roadmap™ (CLR) Navigator School is our flagship program for developing your capability as a change leader or consultant.

This program is not about the content solutions of what to change; rather, we teach you how to make any change you lead or consult to be successful, including designing the best process for determining the right solutions at the right point in the change process. The bottom line – in these five days, you will learn how to achieve greater results in your change efforts, faster and with less human and capital costs. And, you will substantially raise the bar on the value you bring to your projects and organization, making you stand out as a competent leader or consultant to organizational change. This is especially true if your change initiatives are transformational and complex.


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October 28 – November 1, 2019 – Durango, Colorado

Daily Sessions: Monday – Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm, Friday 8:00am-3:00pm

Course Prerequisites


  • Go Beyond Change and Project Management

    The CLR Navigator School takes you well beyond the traditional approaches of project management and change management. You develop a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully lead or consult to organization transformation, and how to set up your projects for success right from the start, with the focus on how to generate breakthrough change results. You learn numerous strategies to successfully handle the complex people dynamics of transformation, including how to mobilize commitment, reduce resistance, optimize engagement, achieve full adoption, and deliver impactful change communications.

    You also learn how to handle the complex process dynamics of transformation by developing a foundational understanding of The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology (CLRM). You learn how to use the CLRM as a strategic guidance system, so you can effectively design and implement a successful change process for any type, scale or focus of change. In the CLR User Training portion of the program, you learn the logic flow of all nine phases of The Change Leader’s Roadmap and dig into its extensive online resources. You explore the thirty CLR High Leverage Tasks and learn how to navigate the full breadth of the CLR’s guidance, which includes:

    • 9 phases of change
    • 19 activities
    • 77 tasks
    • 120+ tools and worksheets
    • 2000 pages of pragmatic information and guidance

    And, you get real work done because everything we teach is case-applied to you as a change leader or consultant and to your current project. Once you become familiar with the entire CLR, you can then successfully tailor it to streamline your project plans to achieve your desired outcomes in the most expedient and effective way. That is our goal!

Outcomes from the CLR Navigator School:

  • How to lead organization transformation so it delivers breakthrough results
  • How to recognize the different types of change so you can develop strategies that will work for your initiative’s type
  • How to use The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology to design a change process that sets up each change initiative for success and ensures full adoption and sustainment of business results
  • Your project’s level of risk against the ten most common mistakes made in leading transformation—and how to use the CLRM to avoid or mitigate them
  • How to minimize and resolve the complex “people issues” catalyzed by transformation—such as poor adoption, resistance, politics, anger, fear, and loss
  • How to launch your change initiatives to ensure clear change leadership roles and decision-making, executive alignment and support, and accurate scope
  • Strategies for engaging your stakeholders early so they opt-in and commit to making the change a success for themselves and the organization
  • The powerful influence of mindset on the success of change and how to address it in your change plan and throughout your change effort
  • How to build powerful and transformative desired outcomes, Case for Change, Change Strategy and communications
  • How to raise and address securing adequate capacity for change
  • How your new change leadership skills will amplify your contribution and value to your change sponsors and organization, advancing both your career and your impact
  • How to customize and tailor your use of the CLRM resources and tools for each change effort so you streamline your change process, reduce cost and accelerate speed

  • You will leave the CLR Navigator School program:

    • Equipped with the confidence, structure, process and toolkit to lead the most complex transformations successfully
    • Knowing how to build on your project management, change management, OD or Six Sigma repertoires to generate a more integrated and powerful change plan from launch to sustained results
    • Expertly handling the human dynamics of change from the beginning of a project
    • Executing optimal change strategies to drive adoption and breakthrough business results
    • Able to initiate the conversations critical to up-leveling your change plans in real time with your sponsors, change leaders and project teammates
    • Comfortable with navigating the breadth of resources in the online CLR Methodology and four months of free access to it

The CLR Navigator School is appropriate for change consultants, change leaders, project managers, change management and organization development practitioners, and intact project teams wishing to advance their change plans and collectively access and navigate the breadth of the CLR resources to support their project work to deliver maximum ROI from change.

For in-house programs, we recommend that intact project teams attend and/or all internal change consultants from all disciplines. For public programs, participants come from across industries and countries.

The Leading Transformation program is appropriate for the same audiences, with the exception that the participant or client will not have access to the full online CLR Methodology resources and tools unless they later choose to attend the CLR User Training—the remaining two days of the CLR Navigator School.

  • Format

    Both the Leading Transformation program and the CLR Navigator School begin with a pre-work project questionnaire to ready your thinking and clarify your live project status. You will apply your course learnings directly to your projects and gain insight from discussing others’ project work. There will be lectures, project application work and lively group discussions, guided by a participant manual and your program leaders.

    The program materials include “The Change Leader’s Roadmap Overview” and “CLR Checklist” booklets, a Participant Manual, handouts, and a Certificate of Completion.

    For those attending the full CLR Navigator School, you will receive an advance email with a special code to access the online CLRM on your own computer to learn how to navigate its breadth of resources and focus on those that are immediately relevant to your project. You will also receive an additional Participant Manual, more resources, and a Certificate of Completion as a CLR Navigator which you can proudly list among your professional credentials. And a gift of completion!

    Access to the Online CLRM

    Upon completion of the five days of the CLR Navigator School, you receive a free four-month individual subscription to the online Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology, providing you unlimited access to its wealth of resources so you can apply them on your projects.

    My Choice Fees: After your four months of free online access to the CLRM, we put the power of price in your hands. You choose your own CLRM subscription rate based on your use and the value to you, your project or clients. Our published retail annual individual subscription to the CLRM is $975, but you can pay more or less, however you wish. We call this My Choice Fees. We hope you like it.

    For graduates of in-house programs, you get this same package unless your organization has licensed the CLRM. In that case, your access is free as it is already paid for by your organization. If you leave your organization, you can still access the CLRM via My Choice Fees and an individual subscription.

  • The full CLR Navigator School includes these key topics:

    Leading Transformation (first three days – Project Applied)

    • Foundations for Successful Change Leaders
      • Critical Focus Areas (Content, People, Process)
      • Three Types of Change (Developmental, Transitional, Transformational)
    • Ten Common Mistakes and Risk Assessment
    • Conscious Change Leader Accountability Model
    • The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology
    • Influence of Mindset on the Success of Change
    • Setting Up for Success: Phase I Leverage Points
      • Case for Change and Desired Outcomes Overview
        • Drivers of Change Model
        • Scope of Change
        • Project Community Map (Stakeholders)
      • Desired Outcomes
      • Ensuring Capacity
    • Change Strategy Overview (12 Elements)
    • Change Governance: Roles, Structures and Decision-Making
    • Human Dynamics of Change
      • Core Human Needs
      • Emotional Reactions to Change
    • Engagement Strategies
    • Change Communications


    CLR User Training (last two days – CLR Deep Dive)

    • Deep Dive into the Conscious Change Leader Accountability Model and its Project Planning Questions
    • Defining Process; Conscious Process Thinking and Design
    • Deep Dive into the Logic of the CLR
      • The Flow of all Nine Phases
      • Phase I Activities
      • 77 Tasks
      • CLR High Leverage Tasks
      • CLR Navigation Overview
      • CLR and when Content Expertise is Required
      • Application CLR to Projects
      • Tool to Support Learning the CLR Resources and Best Practices
      • The CLR Online Methodology: Access, Rights and Restrictions
      • Talking about the CLR to Others
      • Developmental Stages for Mastering the CLR Methodology

    Once you learn the knowledge and tools necessary to apply The Change Leader’s Roadmap’s resources, you may be ready to fully commit and excel to the next level as a conscious change leader or consultant. If so, might we suggest 4Sight: Advanced Conscious Change Leader and Consultant Development program is perfect for you.

    4Sight expands on everything you learn in the CLR Navigator School including how to plan, design, and implement transformational change that delivers breakthrough business and cultural results with maximum adoption and sustainment. 4Sight also focuses on advanced personal transformation – from the inside out – that delivers for every participant profound personal breakthroughs in mindset, behavior, and performance. It’s a life-changing experience.

    Tuition Details

    We provide two different ticket options, “The CLR Navigator School” and “Leading Transformation.” Leading Transformation is the first three days of the CLR Navigator School. Participants bring their live change projects to work on in this portion of the program, so the time spent dramatically advances their current plans.

    The remaining two-day segment, called the CLR User Training, is devoted to deepening participants’ understanding and facility with navigating the wealth of resources and tools in the online Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology itself.

    If you are interested in learning and using the online CLR Methodology and its breadth of resources, you must complete all five days of the CLR Navigator School program.

    The CLR Navigator School Tuition:

    • $4,000 USD Early-Bird Registration (Expires September 1, 2019)
    • $4,500 USD Regular Price
    • Group pricing available, call us for details at +1 970 385 5100 or speak to a senior advisor

    The CLR Navigation School Tuition Includes:

    • 5 Days of extensive in-person training (Includes breakfast and lunch each day)
    • Pre-work materials*
    • Participant manual and handouts
    • 4-Month individual subscription to the online Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology

    Leading Transformation Tuition:

    • $2,500 USD Early-Bird Registration (Expires September 1, 2019)
    • $2,700 USD Regular Price
    • Group pricing available, call us for details at +1 970 385 5100 or speak to a senior advisor

    Leading Transformation Tuition Includes:

    • 3 Days of extensive in-person training (Includes breakfast and lunch each day)
    • Pre-work materials*
    • Participant manual and handouts

    *Pre-work materials provided by email prior to the program


    Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) Continuing Education Information

    The CLR Navigator School is recognized by the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP) as a Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) course that aligns with the ACMP’s Standard for Change Management® and adult education best practices.

    Graduates of The CLR Navigator School receive 34 hours of Professional Development Units (PDUs) towards their Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP™) credentialing. 

    The Leading Transformation Program is also recognized by ACMP as a Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) course. Participants in this program receive 22 ½ hours of Professional Development Units (PDUs).

    The training program will take place at the Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough in Durango, Colorado, USA.

    The Being First Center for Achieving BreakthroughProgram Venue: Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough
    Address: 16295 W. Hwy 160
    Durango, CO 81301
    Phone: +1 (970) 385.5100

    Durango Lodging

    There are many hotels located in the beautiful historic town of Durango. We have made very special arrangements for attendees, depending on the experience you would like to have. Once you have registered we will send you information for how to register at The Strater Hotel or Residence Inn by Marriott.

    The Strater Hotel, Historic Downtown Durango

    If you would like to stay in the heart of historic downtown Durango, about a 10-minute drive from The Center, we’ve made very special arrangements with the historic Strater Hotel for $109 per night, January 1 – May 5. A complimentary upgrade is also available at check-in if available. Once you have registered we will send you information for how to receive your discount for both hotels. We recommend making your reservation as soon as possible to ensure availability.

    About the Strater Hotel

    Built in 1887, the historic Strater Hotel (Historic Hotel of America Founding Member) is one of the West’s iconic hotels and a prominent downtown Durango, Colorado landmark located two blocks north of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, one hour from Mesa Verde National Park, several hours from the Four Corners Monument, and deep in the heart of the rugged San Juan Mountains and the San Juan Scenic Skyway. The Strater Hotel is adorned with beautiful handcrafted woodwork, period wallpaper, and the largest collection of American Victorian walnut antiques which are used to decorate the hotel and guestrooms. Operated for three generations by the Barker family, the Strater Hotel invites you to experience the best of the Old West and an iconic Durango, Colorado hotel.

    Location: 699 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301


    Residence Inn by Marriott, Durango

    The Residence Inn is located 6-minutes down the road from The Center. They are offering our guests a rate of $110 per night, booked up to 10-days prior to the event date, based on availability. We recommend making your reservation as soon as possible to ensure availability.

    About the Residence Inn

    Designed to provide everything you need to thrive on long stays, the all-suite Residence Inn features upscale, spacious suites with full kitchens and room to eat, work and dream. Plus you can enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast, Wi-Fi, evening socials and grocery delivery service.

    Location: 21691 Hwy 160, Durango CO 81301


    Tuition is fully refundable or transferable if requested more than 60-days from the program start date. Transfers requested less than 60-days from the program start date are subject to a 5% transfer fee. Refunds requested less than 60-days from the program start date are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. All cancellation and transfer requests must be received either in writing by email to [email protected] or by calling Client Services at 970-385-5100.


    Unlimited available
    The CLR Navigator School - Early-bird Registration (Expires September 1, 2019)$4,000.00The CLR Navigation School tuition includes: 5-Days of extensive in-person training, breakfast and lunch each day, Pre-work materials, Participant manual and handouts, 4-Month individual subscription to the online Change Leader's Roadmap Methodology.

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    Unlimited available
    Leading Transformation - Early-bird Registration (Expires September 1, 2019)$2,500.00Leading Transformation tuition includes: 3-days of extensive in-person training, breakfast and lunch each day, pre-work materials and participant manual and handouts.

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