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Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change (WTTC), is an extremely powerful leadership development process. Many leaders describe it as “life and career changing” because of its deeply personal nature, and its application to both business and personal life. WTTC is about pursuing breakthroughs within oneself to generate breakthroughs in one’s work and life. As you enter this developmental process, we will help you identify the personal breakthroughs you are after. Then, the program will show you how to achieve those breakthroughs.

The purpose of Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change is to catalyze breakthroughs in leaders’ awareness, behavior and skill that radically improve the quality of their individual performance, relationships, team performance, and their ability to lead their organizations to extraordinary business and cultural outcomes.

Leadership Breakthrough is affectionately called “Walk the Talk” by clients because it enables them to do just that – to consistently express their Best Self in their daily actions. You will find that this consistent leadership modeling of your new, positive ways of being, working and relating will impact your people and culture in powerful ways. And your family and friends.

Walk the Talk is founded on the fundamental principle that all human excellence comes from within, from one’s ability to access higher states of Being, often referred to in sports as the “zone” or “flow.” WTTC teaches leaders the inner dynamics of optimal performance and human development, and how to apply them in their self-leadership and leadership of others.

The program is always customized, built around yours and your organization’s most pressing agenda, like implementing key business strategies, solving market or customer challenges, innovating, or transforming culture. You apply what you learn personally to achieving your most essential organizational outcomes.

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November 4-8, 2019 Durango, Colorado

Daily Sessions: Monday – Thursday 8:00am-6:30 pm, Friday 8:00am-1:00 pm
Evening Sessions: Group activities on Wednesday and Thursday night 7:00-9:00 pm

Leadership Breakthroughs

Team Breakthroughs

  • Increased transformational leadership
  • †Increased ability to see solutions to complex strategic challenges
  • †Improved modeling of desired behaviors
  • Greatly improved ability to stay centered amid stress and challenge
  • Increased ability to see new perspectives
  • Increased self-awareness, mindfulness and self-understanding
  • Higher emotional intelligence and appreciation of diversity
  • †Improved ability to inquire, learn and course correct
  • †Increased ability to manage and change self-limiting mental, emotional and behavioral patterns
  • †Increased ability to move beyond command and control to more effective forms of co-creative leadership
  • †New found ability to deliver your full potential and lead from your Best Self
  • Increased ability to lead transformation successfully
  • †Increased trust and authenticity among team members
  • †Increased team alignment and cohesion
  • †Increased ability to solve strategic challenges together
  • †Improved ability to deal with complexity
  • †Better communications: openness, listening, truth-telling and ability to dialogue through tough conversations to decision
  • †Enhanced collaboration and cross-boundary support
  • †Greater innovation and creativity
  • †Increased understanding of people and human dynamics
  • Increased ability to coach and motivate others
  • Increased ability to see into the future and set up the organization for ongoing success

The power and effectiveness of WTTC occurs because of four design features:

  • A balanced mix of many different learning modalities: adult experiential learning, short lecturettes, simulations, one-on-one discussions, team exercises, visualizations, assessments, video, feedback, small group discussions, readings, role plays, and outdoor experiences
  • The weaving of the above learning modalities through four different, yet fully integrated areas: 1) Self Mastery; 2) Relationship Mastery and Communications; 3) Team Mastery; and 4) Organizational Culture and Transformation. The exploration of these areas reveals the underlying human dynamic that governs behavior and performance at all levels of scale. This dramatically increases leaders’ ability to lead individuals and the organization to sustained excellence
  • Embodied self-management practices that enable leaders to access higher states of awareness in real time, in all situations, so they change behavior and optimize their own performance, even under high stress
  • Immediate and consistent application of the key insights, tools and skills of the program to the participants’ real leadership and change leadership challenges

The agenda of Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change includes these key topics:

Self Mastery

  • Identify the Personal Breakthroughs you are pursuing
  • Optimizing: how to manage your inner state for high performance
  • Breakthrough practices: daily techniques to evolve yourself from the inside out
  • The universal personal change process and how to apply it to transform mindset, emotional reactions and self-limiting behaviors
  • Conscious awareness: what it is, how to develop it, and why it is the single most important success factor in leadership
  • How to consistently model desired values, behavior and culture
  • LifeStyles Inventory Assessment and your personal style
  • How mindset and perception determine your performance and leadership style
  • The “zone”—the internal mental and emotional state of optimal performance – and how to experience it
  • Breathing and centering techniques for increased personal performance amid the chaos of change
  • Mental conditioning and belief systems, and their impact on leadership behavior and performance
  • Self-limiting behavioral patterns and how to identify yours
  • Self-reflection: cultivating a deeper and broader awareness of one’s personal strengths and weaknesses

Relationship Mastery and Communications

  • Relationship dynamics and their impact on outcomes
  • How to build relationships of trust
  • Communicating for impact: how communicating from your higher self draws people to theirs
  • Active listening: how it deepens relationships
  • “Center-to-Center” communications and its impact on resolving conflict and increasing employee trust and engagement
  • Self-disclosure and truth-telling: how to do it in a way that has positive impact on people and change
  • Levels of conversation and how to deepen them for greater impact
  • Substantially improving relationships, communications and trust with team members

Team Mastery

  • High performing team dynamics and how to co-create them
  • The transformation from a group to an aligned and committed team
  • Healthy discourse: how it catapults teams to extraordinary success, and why most teams cannot do it
  • How to make a team a conscious learning environment, and what destroys this possibility
  • Truth-telling in teams, and how to ensure that it adds value, is respectful, and delivers positive results
  • Course correcting team dynamics: how to intervene and catalyze the team to grow

Organizational Culture and Transformation

  • Walking the talk: how leadership modeling sets the tone of high – or low – organizational performance
  • The inadvertent things many leaders and leadership teams do to cause a low-performing culture
  • Building a co-creative culture of accountability, collaboration and trust
  • Leadership behavior and how it establishes the characteristics of your culture

Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change is a leadership development process, not simply an event. Minimally, it is a two-month engagement. Depending on the wishes of the team, it can extend longer into advanced levels to maximize leaders’ development and ability to generate breakthroughs in others and the organization. Once a leadership team completes WTTC, they are eligible to engage Being First’s in-house, year-long vertical leadership development program called, “Go Vertical.” Or, they may attend Being First’s public offerings of our Self Mastery Curriculum (with family or other team members). These options give leaders opportunities for further development, follow-up and reinforcement.

There are six phases to the basic Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change process:

1.   Introduction to Participants by Key Sponsoring Executive


  • Answer the question, “Why are we doing this?”
  • Begin to build participants’ desire to participate and their engagement in self-leadership development
  • Provide high-level understanding of the intended outcomes and agenda for the program
  • Answer initial questions
  • Make overt the commitment of the sponsor to the team’s development and the WTTC process


  • Team meeting two to three months before the Retreat (described below)

2.  Launch of Program Web Page and Pre-Work Materials


  • Provide participants with resources and access to the assessments they will need to complete prior to the program.


  • Access the password-protected web page via an email from Being First

3.  One-on-One Interviews with the Facilitator


  • Help participants begin to establish the personal leadership breakthrough they are going for in the program
  • Clarify personal learning objectives
  • Begin participants’ introspection and self-discovery
  • Launch the Course Pre-Work
  • Answer any specific questions


  • Two to three weeks in advance of the Retreat
  • 75-minute discussion
  • Face-to-face or via telephone

4.    Walk the Talk of Change Off-Site Retreat


  • Experientially establish self-awareness, mastery and Presence as the source of great leadership, and begin to increase each of them
  • Increase understanding of how all human excellence, whether as individuals, in relationships, teams or organizationally, begins in one’s interior (mindset and awareness)
  • Gain insight about how to apply the above realization pragmatically in one’s leadership of people and the organization
  • Significantly increase one’s understanding of human dynamics and how best to manage them to bring out the best in oneself and others
  • Learn the pragmatic self-management practices of Olympic athletes and build skills to be able to shift one’s internal state to higher levels for improved performance and leadership
  • Increase interpersonal communication skills to better engage and motivate others
  • Improve relationships within the team; resolve any difficult past history and establish a foundation for breakthrough going forward
  • Establish within the team a conscious learning orientation that will keep the team growing after the retreat
  • Increase team members’ ability to model the organization’s desired values, culture and behavior, and to support others to do the same


  • 4.5 days
  • Conducted at The Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough executive retreat center in a natural environment

5.  Post-Retreat and Post Follow Up Coaching


  • Further participants’ and the team’s ability to successfully apply what they learned in the Retreat
  • Continue encouragement to maintain the motivation of participants to pursue their personal breakthroughs and the practices that support them
  • Help participants navigate challenges and resolve problems related to their leadership, relationships and communications, and team performance
  • Answer questions and provide support


  • One post-retreat sixty-minute coaching call by phone, two to three weeks after the Retreat
  • One follow-up session sixty-minute coaching call by phone, four to six weeks after the web-based follow-up session

6.  Follow Up Online Session


  • Learn advanced material and take what was learned at the Retreat to the next level
  • Provide encouragement and help individuals and the team navigate live leadership challenges and resolve questions
  • Deepen the participants’ application of their learning to the team’s success
  • Align the team around their collective choice to continue pursuing their conscious and intentional self, relational and team development


  • Three-hour online session, roughly one month after the Retreat

Tuition Details

  • $10,250 USD Early-Bird Registration (Expires September 1, 2019)
  • $10,500 USD Regular Price
  • Group pricing available, call us for details at +1 970 385 5100 or speak to a senior advisor

Tuition Includes:

  • 4.5 Days of extensive in-person Retreat (Includes breakfast and lunch each day)
  • Pre-work materials* including online assessments
  • Pre-retreat 75-minute telephone coaching/interview two weeks before Retreat
  • Post-retreat 60-minute coaching call
  • Post-retreat 3-hour web-based Follow-Up Session
  • Post-Follow-Up Session 60-minute coaching call
  • Participant manual and handouts

*Pre-work materials provided by email prior to the program

The training program will take place at the Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough in Durango, Colorado, USA.

The Being First Center for Achieving BreakthroughProgram Venue: Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough
Address: 16295 W. Hwy 160
Durango, CO 81301
Phone: +1 (970) 385.5100

Durango Lodging

There are many hotels located in the beautiful historic town of Durango. We have made very special arrangements for attendees, depending on the experience you would like to have. Once you have registered we will send you information for how to register at The Strater Hotel or Residence Inn by Marriott.

The Strater Hotel, Historic Downtown Durango

If you would like to stay in the heart of historic downtown Durango, about a 10-minute drive from The Center, we’ve made very special arrangements with the historic Strater Hotel for $109 per night, January 1 – May 5. A complimentary upgrade is also available at check-in if available. Once you have registered we will send you information for how to receive your discount for both hotels. We recommend making your reservation as soon as possible to ensure availability.

About the Strater Hotel

Built in 1887, the historic Strater Hotel (Historic Hotel of America Founding Member) is one of the West’s iconic hotels and a prominent downtown Durango, Colorado landmark located two blocks north of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, one hour from Mesa Verde National Park, several hours from the Four Corners Monument, and deep in the heart of the rugged San Juan Mountains and the San Juan Scenic Skyway. The Strater Hotel is adorned with beautiful handcrafted woodwork, period wallpaper, and the largest collection of American Victorian walnut antiques which are used to decorate the hotel and guestrooms. Operated for three generations by the Barker family, the Strater Hotel invites you to experience the best of the Old West and an iconic Durango, Colorado hotel.

Location: 699 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301


Residence Inn by Marriott, Durango

The Residence Inn is located 6-minutes down the road from The Center. They are offering our guests a rate of $110 per night, booked up to 10-days prior to the event date, based on availability. We recommend making your reservation as soon as possible to ensure availability.

About the Residence Inn

Designed to provide everything you need to thrive on long stays, the all-suite Residence Inn features upscale, spacious suites with full kitchens and room to eat, work and dream. Plus you can enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast, Wi-Fi, evening socials and grocery delivery service.

Location: 21691 Hwy 160, Durango CO 81301


Tuition is fully refundable or transferable if requested more than 60-days from the program start date. Transfers requested less than 60-days from the program start date are subject to a 5% transfer fee. Refunds requested less than 60-days from the program start date are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. All cancellation and transfer requests must be received either in writing by email to [email protected] or by calling Client Services at 970-385-5100.


Unlimited available
Leadership Breakthrough: Early-bird Registration (Expires September 1, 2019)$10,250.00Tuition Includes: 4.5 Days of extensive in-person Retreat, breakfast and lunch each day, pre-work materials* including online assessments, pre-retreat 75-minute telephone coaching/interview, post-retreat 60-minute coaching call, post-retreat 3-hour web-based Follow-Up Session, Post-Follow-Up Session, 60-minute coaching call, participant manual and handouts.

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