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How to Manage Your Inner State for High Performance Webinar

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No matter what your pursuit - leadership, sports, parenting, life in general - the ability to manage your inner state is the foundation for success. The better you are at this, the more you deliver your full potential. Without this super power, high performance is hit and miss. Learn the fundamentals in self-development of managing your mind and emotions to express your Best Self in all you do.

How Leaders Transform Mindset and Behavior to Solve Complex Challenges

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Dr. Dean Anderson and Andrew Johnson discuss a breakthrough in executive development and answer the questions:
- What is Vertical Leadership Development?
- What happens when leaders grow vertically?
- Which stages of adult development are necessary for transformation?

Introducing Circle Breathing Tool

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Conscious breathing can improve your performance in everything you do. Elite athletes use their breath to “center” themselves for high performance. Discover a simple breath control technique that can make you a better leader.

Daryl Conner and Dean Anderson Discuss Senior Change Practitioner Development

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How do you, as a Senior Change Consultant, become a trusted advisor to the executive leaders you support? Consultants often think that providing great tools and techniques is the solution, but the key is developing your character and Presence. Who you are, and how you show up, matters most. Learn more in this video snippet, as Dean discusses with Daryl Conner how developing yourself from the “inside out” can help you become a trusted advisor to senior executives.